De fietsrouteplanner wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door de Fietsersbond. Help ons & word lid!

Easy route planning

Easy cycle route planning starts at the top of the screen with the fields From and To. You can also select ‘My Current Location’ (which is determined by your internet connection to our website. When you visit the Route Planner your computer will ask if you give permission for it to pass on your location. If you decline, you will see a map of the whole country). Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to change your current location.

As you begin to type in one of the text fields, the Route Planner will come up with suggestions for the locations you are looking for. This can be a street name or address, but also for example a train station, a café or a museum. (See list of available locations). Once the correct location comes up you can click on it.

Once both fields are completed you can click on Get Directions.

The Route Planner now calculates your route. The default route type is Limited Stops, which is an easy to follow cycle route. After a few moments your route will appear on the left-hand side along with options for printing, exporting to GPS, saving and sharing via email, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. For saving your routes, you need to have created a free Fietsersbond account.

From the drop-down menu you can change the route type. As soon as you choose a different route type the Route Planner calculates a new route. So for example, you can easily change to a scenic route or a Junction Network one. See the list of route types for more information.